1.             CBRN PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator).  


(a)           The Responder PAPR system is ideal for First Responder, Military and Special Operations personnel

who need non-IDLH respiratory protection for an extended period of time. The Responder PAPR combines an

industry-leading motor-blower with a choice of two proven gas mask CBRN face-pieces, and three proprietary

cartridges for CBRN, particulate, or poisonous gases / vapors. The Responder PAPR’s constant filtered airflow

provides improved comfort due to the cooling effect, greatly reducing pulmonary stress preserving strength and

mental acuity. The airflow also prevents fogging in the facepiece, reduces any feelings of claustrophobia, and

allows for extended use in hot and stressful environments.


(b)           A belt-mounted powered air-purifying respirator with choice of 2 proven tight-fitting face pieces in 3 sizes.

The constant air flow of over 115 lpm to the face piece. The PAPR can be used with CBRN cartridges or with multi-

purpose chemical cartridges designed to protect against hazards that might be encountered in tactical law

enforcement operations.


2.             Client List.           Newly Introduced Equipment in India.




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