1.             Quick Lock.

                  (a)                 No gun cabinet, armory, trigger lock o mechanical assembly can do this: secure a gun with absolute

                  reliability anytime, anywhere, for any reason and in next to no time. Only Quick-lock from Armatix can, the first

                  mechatronic gun safety system since the creation of firearms.


    (b)                 Quick-lock consists of two components: a mechatronic blocking device and an “electronic” key, the so

    called control unit. The blocking device is exactly sized to correspond to the respective caliber is manually

    inserted into the cartridge chamber. By application of slight pressure it locks automatically and in this way

   secures the weapon from within. For release, a link between the blocking device and the control unit has to be

   established. After successful authentification using PIN code or biometric fingerprint the control unit transmits the

   release data to the blocking device. After that the device can be removed easily within fractions of a second.


   (c)                 With an Armatix blocking device in the cartridge chamber, the gun is more effectively protected against

   misuse than in the gun cabinet. Unauthorized violent removal of the Armatix locking element irreparably destroys

   the gun.

  (d)                 Using Quick-lock type of safety mechanism, weapons can be stored or transported together with

  ammunition – it is impossible to load a cartridge in this secure state.



2.             Client List.           Newly Introduced Equipment in India.






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