1.             Laser Illuminators.           The Laser designators are precision optical lighting instruments using

advanced Laser technology. The rotary optical collimator uses a system of 9 fully multi coated lenses that allow full

adjustment and control of beam diameter and intensity to focus light where you need it most. Rotating the collimator

ring to minimum creates a bright micro beam of green laser light visible upto 8 km. Rotating the collimator ring

to more open setting provides plenty of illumination to light a trail or paint a target upto 500mtrs.



(a)           ND-3 Laser Designator


(b)           ND-3 x40 - Long Distance Laser Designator


(c)           ND-3x50 - Long Distance Laser Designator


(d)           ND3•S Laser Designator and Scope


(e)           ND•5 - Long Distance Laser Illuminator


2.             Client List.           Newly introduced equipment in India.






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