Srg Techno

What We Do.


SRG Techno Pvt Ltd is a 25 yr old company in the field of Security, Non-Lethal & Anti Riot Equipment,
Tactical/Operational Systems, K9 Solutions, Medical solutions, Disaster Relief Solutions Intelligence Gathering Equipment & Training Systems representing various renowned International Companies in India.
Some of the major product include:-.

  • (a) Ammunition.
  • (b) Sights.
  • (c) Mounting Solutions
  • (d) Silencers.
  • (e) Grips.
  • (f) Lighting Systems - LED & Incandescent Lights - Non-Rechargeable/Rechargeable.
  • (g) Uniform and Accessories-
  • (h) Armoring Solutions
  • (i) Non-Lethal Systems
  • (j) Anti-Riot/Riot Control Equipment
  • (k) Tactical Equipment.
  • (l) Surveillance and Covert Operation Equipment - Audio/Video and Tracking Systems.
  • (m) Storage Devices/ Equipment - Rifle/Optical Systems/Communication Systems cases, Ammunition magazine, Patrol Bags and Shipping Cases
  • (n) Training Systems
  • (o) Covert/Overt Accessories for Hand Held communication systems.
  • (p) Miscellaneous Equipment