SWAT BOT Mobile 3-D Target System.      The adversary moves in three dimensions, but live training has

been on 2 D. Its time to get real, with SWAT BOT. SWAT BOT is a radio controlled, battery powered

mini-ATV that can cary a variety of target systems. Unlike pop-up or paper targets, SWAT BOT simulates

human movement. So training can be tailor-made to fit specific needs, on the range and off. Unlike linear

targets systems that move left to right or come straight up in a predictable speed and patterns, SWAT BOT

simulates human movement. It is ideal for live fire training and teaching tactical situation and Use of Force

decision making. Target available include – 3D Poly Foam, Paper, 3D Plastic and Dual Target (with mount).

For more details please email us atinform.srg@gmail.com