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1.             BTI Breaching Door offers realistic and affordable training for situations that involve opening doors. The patented

Breaching Door can be installed into a structure or utilized with our optional Free Standing Leg Kit.These virtually

indestructible and re-usable (1500 breaches) doors are available in various types (RAM, Shot Gun, Explosive, Pry and

Hydraulic options), models(Reinforced, Reverse, Saloon and Dual Swing) and scenarios (Locked wood frame door,

Locked steel frame door and Fortified door –un-breachable). Similarly a variety of RAMs with life time warranty are also

available in different models and weight –Mity Mouse, PAC and Wasp Rams.


2.             Website Link.      http://breachingtechnologiesinc.com/main.php


3.             Customer List.    Newly Introduced in India.




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