1.             Laser grips provide officers with instant and overwhelming advantages that normally one wouldn’t otherwise have. Laser sights simply help in shooting better, with greater speed and accuracy, which translates into increased confidence - even in tense and threatening scenarios, when hours and hours of vigilant training can disappear in a haze of panic and confusion.


(a)           Modular Vertical Foregrip for AK 47/MP5.              MVF-515/600, a revolutionary concept that combines three tactical tools into a single, modular package - Rock solid vertical foregrip, an aiming laser on one side and a dual-intensity tactical light on the other. The instinctive activation switches are ambidextrous, letting operators select the light or the laser individually, or both simultaneously. Laser and light functions are programmable, so operators can also select from three illumination modes: independent momentary, strobe, or constant-on. The master on/off switch permits complete shutdown of either side.  Additional future components can integrate into the robust platform. The MVF 600 incorporates Infra-red in place of the visible laser in the MVF 515.


(b)           Laser Grip  Pistol/Revolver.           The Lasergrips for pistols/revolvers bring to bear all of the best features as well as improved holster fit for level-3 professional holsters used by Law Enforcement and military teams everywhere.  Based on the groundbreaking design for the Springfield XD pistols, the Laser Grip outfits the pistol/revolver with a laser that's completely unobtrusive, and fully featured.  These also feature a master on/off switch, and a micro-compact diode housing that's simply the smallest there is.  Option of incorporating only visible Laser or both Laser as well IR is available in these grips.


2.             Client List.


                (a)           National Police Academy (NPA), Hyderabad.


                (b)           National Security Guards (NSG), New Delhi.


                (c)           Punjab Police.


                (d)           National Investigation Agency (NIA), New Delhi.


                (e)           ATS, UP Police.


                (f)            Agra Police.


                (g)           Octopus, Andhra Police.



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