1.                             Stop Stick is the preferred Law enforcement tool to stop high speed chases and for cordoning an area for vehicle bound traffic. It provides the swiftest and safest stop and gives law enforcement personnel complete control over an extremely dangerous situation, safeguarding the lives of officers, innocent bystanders as well as fleeing suspects. Stop Stick penetrates the tires (even self sealers and run-flat tires) without choking itself and lets the air out in a controlled, predictable distance. Stop Stick safely, quickly and consistently – totally deflates car tires in under 300 yds, even tires of speeding buses or semis in under a mile. Sturdy yet light weight the Stop Stick is easy to handle and can be deployed in seconds, giving officer complete control in a dangerous situation.

2.             Client List.          


                (a)           National Police Academy (NPA), Hyderabad.


                (b)           Agar Police.

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