1.             Advanced infrared imaging technology allows you to see through dark, no-light environments, so you can

maneuver the scene as quickly and safely as possible.TIC sensors react to infrared energy from all surrounding objects

and convert the “thermal signature” to visible images of victims and suspects, heat sources, and impediments in your



2.             Special Operations units/Law enforcement agencies can use these thermal imagers to make difficult tasks

easier to solve and enhance soldiers’ safety. Search and rescue teams, helicopter units, patrol units, and narcotic units

who use TICs as “visual” tools can save hours, even days of search time.


3.             A proven handheld camera-type tool with a sensor that reacts to infrared energy and displays visible images of

elusive or hidden individuals, heat sources, etc., on a 3.5” screen. Easily deployable from a belt tether, this thermal imager

provides one button operation and immediate results. With many outstanding features, from tough, durable housing to

best-in-class image quality and a 2X digital zoom.




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