1.             The HAZMATCAD Hazardous Material Chemical Agent Detector is a handheld instrument that detects and

classifies Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs). It has  demonstrated superior selectivity for nerve and blister agents, and

often outperforms other portable instruments. It combines a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) array detector with innovative

sample collector and advanced signal processing algorithms to minimize false alarms in unpredictable environments.

Additionally, the instrument can be configured to detect phosgene (CG) or hydrogen cyanide (AC), thereby expanding its

threat detection capabilities.


2.             HAZMATCAD Detector’s operation is simple. A single key-press begins automatic sampling and analysis. Alarm

messages are given both visually and audibly for nerve (G), blister (H) or toxic (TOX) chemical threats. The HAZMATCAD

Detector is lightweight, ruggedly constructed and can easily be used while wearing aLevel A protection suit. Created

specifically to meet the complex needs of first responders, the HAZMATCAD Detector provides a CWA tool that delivers

detection confidently and without compromise.


3.             Client List.           DRDO



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