1.             With the load being carried by a soldier ever increasing, there is a need for opting for equipment which is lighter,

stronger and at times even disposable or for one time use.

                 (a)           Ultra Light Handcuffs.     With the availability of NIJ Standard 0307.01 approved international quality

       handcuffs with double locking mechanism and rotating arm backloads for speed cuffing which are 40% lighter

       than standard model – the conventional heavy handcuffs or use of rope for the purpose- can be avoided.

       Besides reducing the weight and assist in speed cuffing these handcuff give a modern edge/being in time edge

       to the soldier.


                 (b)           Disposable Handcuffs.      These textile handcuffs incorporate the latest patented locking system,

                 which prevents release from handcuffs for even physically stronger persons. Main advantages of these are

                 ultra low weight and easy of storage/carriage. Available in a belt mounted pouch (containing 3 to 9 pieces),

                 these can be carried in an unobtrusive manner, yet be available for quick usage.


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3.             Client List

                (a)           National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

                (b)           National Security Guard, New Delhi.

                (c)           Agra Police




Handcuffs- Steel       Handcuffs- Disposable



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