1.             With the ever increasing type and load of equipment being carried by a modern soldier, the

Multi-functional belt is a one stop shop solution.


2.          Made from high-quality codura/nylon material the belt comes with variety metal of pouches for all

accessories/equipment required to be carried by a soldier (Baton, Radio set, Handcuffs, Spare magazine,

Torch light etc). The belt (fixed with tough grade plastic clip-on buckle with double locking system) besides

assisting in carrying various accessories/equipment in a scientifically balanced way, lends itself in promoting

the "Hands Free Combat Ready Concept" which is highly crucial n today’s urban warfare scenario.


3.             Client List           


               (a)           National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

               (b)           Agra Police.

               (c)           Punjab Police.

               (d)           J&K Police.

               (e)           National Security Guard.





Multi Functional Belt


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