1.           The in-service Anti-Riot Helmet are either modified Cricket helmet or made from the mould of Bullet Proof Helmet

held with existing manufacturers. These helmets have not been specifically designed for Policing or Anti-Riot role.


2.            Anti-Riot Helmet being suggested have been exclusively designed Law Enforcement Agencies/Users – keeping in

mind the situation faced on ground. The given helmet hugs the full neck, ear and the side-face in order to provide close

protection. It provides optimum protection to full head, neck, and face protection against non-ballistic threats such as rocks,

bottles, sticks, etc.The helmet and face shield are made of high impact resistant plastic (material of helmet: high impact

resistant ABS plastic, material of veil: high impact resistant polycarbonate plastic) to provide the best protection possible,

while the inside of the helmet is padded to help minimize the shock of blunt trauma to the head. Anadjustable chinstrap

allows for the perfect fit.Helmet intended for Riot control and Law enforcement operations with risk of projectile, gas, smoke

etc and is compatible for adaption of respirator gas mask.

3.            Client List.

              (a)            National Police Academy, Hyderabad.



Anti Riot Helmet


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