1.            TThe current Body Protector in use is poorly designed and hardly provides any worthwhile protection especially

after usage for 3-4 months. Made of foam which shrinks over a period and the PC insert provide limited protection to limited

area of the body only.

2.            The Full Body Protector being suggested besides providing full protection to the entire body (not limited to certain

parts only) is designed based on the body joint and movement pattern. It provides the best combination of protection and


3.            Made from high-protection engineering plastics, high molecular weight polythene non-fibre cloth, EVAPoly Foam

and Nylon, the suit provides physical protection against brick-batting cane/knife attacks and projectiles (sharp edged

stones) encountered in Riot situation and other policing functions

4.            A variety of model offering different level of protection and under different overall weight parameters are

available – EBP 001, 002, 003, 004, 005 and 006.
5.            Custmer List.

               (a)            National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

               (b)           CRPF Directorate, CGO Complex, New Delhi.



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