1.        Anti-Riot Shields and Lathi presently being used are of sub standard quality, inadequately designed,cannot withstand

vigorous operational conditions and Indian temperatures. These tend to break/crack with prolonged usage and even under

storage conditions. Also these have not been tactically designed with Law Enforcement situations in mind. For example the

lathi being used are unwieldy and do not lend itself to “Hands Free Principal”. Similarly in case of the Shield, there is very

limited protection (in the form of thin foam) from direct transfer of trauma from blows on to the holder.

2.             Anti-Riot Shields.   The shield currently inservice has a major design flaw – in that on impact the entire

trauma/pain is transfered to the holder (as there is only a thin foam protection – which over 2-3 month usage – flattens up).

Further due to inherent design flaw (too many holes/drills in the shield) the PC sheet losses it structural strength and tend to

crack on lightest blow and even in storage condition. The new and modern Impact Resistant Shield being suggested

overcomes these inherent problems due to following reasons:-

                  (a)            Inner ergonomically shaped reinforcing plate (double) with an air pocket dampens efficiently    

                  impacts/vibrations on holding hand. The  vaccum ensures no trauma/pain/vibration is passed on the holder.

                  (b)           The given shield is ambidextorous (Universal - Left or Right hand use)in the sensee can  held by

                  right or left hand and also supported by the other free hand as needed.

                  (c)            V-shaped face of the shield have been designed so as to conduct blows efficiently aside.

                  (d)           These toughened shields(made of high-quality, extremely resistant  polycarbonate with thickness

                  3 mm -which can be increased upon request  upto 5 mm) besides withstanding the battering of Axe, Knife,

                  Sword, Iron rod and even Buck shot - can also withstand the weight of 4 wheeler vehicle move.

                  (e)            Models available are the Impact Resistant Shield- ASUD-60-100 and ASRU-60-100.


3.              Batons/Lathis. Lathi presently being used are of poor/sub standard quality, crude and unwieldy in design. As

these have not been tactically and ergonomically designed with Law Enforcement situations in mindthey do not lend

themselves to “Hands Free Principal”. Hence the current Lathi besides giving an unprofessional look to the soldier/policeman

tends to engage his one hand permanently and continuously (even when he does not need to use it).Two options available

as part of the Modern soldier/policeman is as follows:-

                  (a)       Expandable Baton.    High-quality metal/poly-carbonate expandable batons (three-part friction

                  lock) are made in hardened (police) versions with Anti-slip handle with indented surface lends itself to the

                  “Hands Free Combat Ready Concept”. The baton besides being a proficient weapon system for unarmed  

                  combat can be converted into multi-facet ultra-light tactical tools and can be used for variety of roles/tasks. 

                  With a length of only 9/10 inches (+ 0.5inch) in closed position and seated in a  belt mounted plastic holder

                  it is an ideal non-lethal equipment at the disposal of a Policeman. Expandable Batons are available in Gun

                  metal as well as PC/Nylon/Rubber. Tactical accessories available with the Baton are as follows:-

                             (i)        M2 Tactical Mirror with Nylon Pouch.
                             (ii)       BL 01 Flashlight with Nylon Pouch.
                             (iii)       Special Impact Window Breaker with Nylon Pouch.
                             (iv)      Crowbar (Two Teeth).
                             (v)       Crowbar (Single Teeth).
                             (vi)      Rescue Axe.
                             (vi)      Shovel.
                             (vii)      Wire Cutter.

                   (b)       Tonfa’s and Straight Police Baton.   Modern day - Tonfa’s and Straight Baton have been

                   designed by Law Enforcement Agencies/Users – putting in years of experience in Law enforcement and

                   policing role. These quietly seat in the belt of the soldier/policeman during routine police work and can be

                   drawn and used as effectively/conveniently to conduct the role/work performed by today Lathi. Options

                   available are

                             (i)    Tonfas- TF- 24/59.

                             (ii)   ExpandableTonfas-  EXT- 20/52.

                             (iii)  Classical Straight Police Baton- PB/PBS.

4.                 Pepper Spray- Pepper Spray represents a completely new category of defensive sprays, which at present

has no equivalent on the market with defensive sprays. A super-bright flashlight with white LED diode was added to the

classical defensive spray. Most of critical situations, during which people defend themselves by defensive sprays, takes

place particularly in darkness. It is impractical to hold flashlight in one hand and spray in the other one. Moreover it is quite

problematic to co-ordinate movements of both hands at critical situations. At the same time it is necessary to aim the spray

precisely at the attacker’s face and flashlight should therefore light the place where irritating gas should hit the adversary.

Our „spray flashlights“ now make it possible to handle both flashlight and the spray with one hand only and to use thus the

other hand for better defence. Beam of light enables precise aiming at the target. The company ESP has contributed by this

significant innovation of defensive sprays to enhancement of general level of self-defence.

5.                Safety Panoramic Mirror- Detection mirror serves for inspection of hazardous spaces and for pyrotechnical

controls. Angular parabolic shape is very advantageous as it greatly increases angle of observation. The mirror uses

duralumin lightweight telescopic rod, the length of which can be adjusted from 500 mm to 1050 mm and then collapsed back

to compact dimensions. Anti-skid handle enables safe grip. The mirror can be removed from the rod for easier transport.

Mirror version with lighting DM-160 L uses a flashlight with 14 LED diodes “FL-3AAA-14 LED”. Power supply is ensured by 3

alkaline AAA batteries, the flashlight is fastened right to the mirror, which means that lighting does not depend on mutual

position of the mirror and the rod and it enables an optimum illumination of the searched space.

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7.                Client List

                   (a)   National Police Academy, Hyderabad.

                   (b)   CRPF, Directorate, CGO Complex, New Delhi.

                   (c)   Office of Director General of Punjab Police, Chandigarh.

                   (d)   Agra Police.

                   (e)   STF, UP Police.



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